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Association Of Functional Dyspepsia With Depression; Gut-Brain Axis And Mental Health

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Functional dyspepsia. Depression. DSM-IV Criteria.

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Shams N, Usmani F, Andaleeb H, Niaz F, Meraj L, Munir N. Association Of Functional Dyspepsia With Depression; Gut-Brain Axis And Mental Health . JRMC [Internet]. 2024 Mar. 30 [cited 2024 Jun. 15];28(1). Available from:


Objective: Current study aimed to determine the frequency and associations of depression in patients with & without Functional dyspepsia.

Method: This case control study was conducted at Dept. of Medicine, RIHS, Islamabad (Jan-June 2023) after ethical approval. Cases & controls (150 each) were selected from outdoor clinics according to inclusion/exclusion criteria & informed consent was obtained. The previous medical record (including findings of upper GI Endoscopy) reviewed. Selected cases and controls were asked questions from DSM-IV Criteria of Depression. Data analyzed by SPSS with significant p<0.05.

Results: There were 72(48 %) males & 78(52%) females in each group. Mean age was 43.7+13.79 years (FD patients) vs. 46.24+15.27 years (controls). Mean BMI was 24.84+4.18 (FD patients) vs. 25.38+4.52 (controls). There was no significant difference in gender, marital status & background of both groups. There was significantly more depression in FD patients Vs. controls (p<0.05). Among FD patients 57(38%) had major depression, 41(27.33%) minor depression & 52(34.66%) were not depressed. Among controls 41(27.33%) had major depression, 30(20%) minor depression & 79(52.66%) not depressed. Among FD patients, depression wasn’t associated with age. Controls above 40 years had significantly higher major depression (p<0.001). Female gender & unemployment was significantly associated with depression in both the groups (p<0.05).  49.3% of FD patients were employed vs. 67.3% of controls.

Conclusion: The adjustment for gender, age, marital status, BMI, background & monthly income confirmed the association between Functional dyspepsia & depression. Female gender, unemployment and low educational status being possible risk factors for depression among FD patients. As compared to normal healthy people, FD patients are likely to have depression at younger age.

Key words: Functional dyspepsia. Depression. DSM-IV Criteria
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