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The Conundrum of Medical Writing

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Writing is an art. Medical writing is an amalgamation of art with science. Not all medical writers have the
inherent capability to pen down their work. For some it is a source of contentment, happiness, and authorization whereas it’s a hard nut to crack for others, requiring additional efforts to accomplish this uphill task.

Future medical writers confront many challenges before they embark upon this worthwhile endeavour.
Some may not realize its importance; others simply enter into the world of bewilderment as to how to
start. Yet others are well versed with the subject but just cannot pen it down and the majority cannot
squeeze their time in because of their hectic daily routines. In order to counter these challenges, one has
to overcome the conundrum of medical writing.

Why to Write?
Medical writing is an essential feature of evidencebased medicine and is mandatory for progress in the
medical profession. Apart from religious, international, national, institutional, and professional gains, the honor, regard, and respect a medical writer earns in the scientific world is priceless. High research scores, h-indices, portfolios, citations, and references quoted by other researchers and writers elevate you to unfathomable heights. Your work creates an opportunity for others to get benefit from the work done and the medical knowledge grows in a stepladder fashion. Ultimately the main aim i.e. Benefit humanity also fulfilling the divine requirement for a Muslim medical writer.
This qualm of writers' hesitancy can have devastating effects on the professional career of a writer. Age limit constraints, fear of losing an opportunity to appear in examinations on time, poor prospects for gaining senior posts and promotions, etc. can be detrimental to the psychosocial well-being too. This initiates the unfortunate vicious circle causing further delay or
even abandonment of work. This state of affairs could be demoralizing for a doctor who is otherwise humane, hardworking, conscientious, and has been courteous to patients. Even his research could be an extraordinary work but he is unable to put it down in black and white. The medical writers have to trounce over this perplexing situation by getting acquainted with the essence of writing. The significance of Medical writing cannot be undermined as it forms the basis of development, evolution, and progress in the medical field. It is the only preservable way of transferring knowledge to others. The importance of gaining knowledge and preserving it is very well depicted and stressed in Islam. The first Divine word “IQRA” and the second revelation related to “THE PEN” is ample evidence. Numerous Hadiths stress gaining knowledge and preserving it. I quote one Hadith “TAQYID Al ILM”, {define, preserve and record knowledge by ‘writing it down}’.



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