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Comparison Of Knowledge and Attitude Towards Chat GPT In First and Final-Year Dental Students

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Naureen S, Kiani HG, Naureen N, Shafique M. Comparison Of Knowledge and Attitude Towards Chat GPT In First and Final-Year Dental Students. JRMC [Internet]. 2024 Mar. 29 [cited 2024 Jun. 15];28(1). Available from:


Objective: This study aimed to examine the knowledge and attitude towards Chat-GPT among first and final-year dental students.

Methods: This was a cross-sectional comparative study conducted at the Rawal Institute of Health Sciences RIHS Islamabad. The duration of the study was 3 months after approval by the Ethical Committee from June 2023 to August 2023. An electronic questionnaire was designed to assess the knowledge and attitude of first-year (G1) and final-year (G2) dental students studying at RIHS. The respondents had to agree or disagree with each statement of the questionnaire. The frequency and percentage for each response were calculated. All the items of the knowledge and attitude questionnaire were assessed for the difference in response between G1 and G2 groups with the help of the Chi-square test.

Results: The knowledge assessment section showed that both first-year and final-year student groups (G1, G2) had inadequate knowledge and discouraging attitudes toward Chat-GPT. 90.6% and 86.7% of G1 and G2 students knew about what Chat-GPT is and this was the only response that showed good knowledge in both groups. 71.1% of first-year students agreed to use Chat- GPT in education as compared to 60% of final-year students. The response of any group could not exceed 70% for any of the attitude questions. The difference in knowledge and attitude response was statistically insignificant between the G1 and G2 groups showing no relationship between the responses of the two groups.

Conclusion: These results highlight that there is a strong need to improve knowledge and a positive attitude towards the use of AI tools like Chat-GPT in dental students.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Chat-GPT, Dental education, Dental students, Knowledge, Attitude.
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