A Case Report Of COVID-19 Re-Infection

  • Muhammad Imran Hasan Khan Ameer ud Din Medical College / PGMI, Lahore
  • Tayyaba Shaheen
  • Tanzeelah Shamshad
Keywords: Coronavirus disease, Reinfection, Case report, Antibodies


Spectrum of coronavirus disease continues to unfold as time passes. It has created health and economic crisis all over the world. Being a new virus, means less information on behavior and a lot to learn for its immunity. It was assumed initially that reinfection was less likely. Once exposed, we will develop antibodies and will be safe. But now we have a case of Covid-19 reinfection, depicting that despite of exposure and having IgG Antibody titer, reinfection occurred within 6 months.



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Khan MIH, Shaheen T, Shamshad T. A Case Report Of COVID-19 Re-Infection. JRMC [Internet]. 31Aug.2021 [cited 24Sep.2022];25(1):157-61. Available from: http://www.journalrmc.com/index.php/JRMC/article/view/1579

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