Diagnostic Accuracy of Hepatic Vein Resistive Index in Detection of Hepatic Fibrosis in Patients of Chronic Liver Disease

  • Sidrah Nadeem
  • Sana Wasim
  • Sidrah Manzoor
  • Hareem Ata
  • Riffat Raja
  • Sadaf Arooj
Keywords: Diagnostic accuracy, chronic liver disease, hepatic vein resistive index, hepatic fibrosis.


Introduction: If we could prove the diagnostic accuracy of hepatic vein resistive index in detecting liver fibrosis in chronic liver disease patients, this would be beneficial for the patients as it is a non-invasive, readily available, and cost-effective technique for the diagnosis of liver fibrosis. This will help the physicians in the early initiation of definitive management.

Materials and Methods: Seventy-five (n=75) patients with hepatitis B aged between 18-50 years were enrolled. Hepatic vein resistive index and liver biopsy were performed in even-patients. Sensitivity, Specificity, PPV, NPV, and overall accuracy of the hepatic vein resistive index was calculated.

Results: Average age group studied was  38y ± 8.2 SD. 57.3 % (N=43) were males and 42.7% (n=32) patients were females respectively. Data of this work Exhibits various statistical indicators 77%. 96.7%. 97.2%. 74.3% and 85.3% respectively.

Conclusion: Hepatic vein resistive index measured by ultrasonography can detect liver fibrosis in CLD with overall sensitivity, Specificity, PPV, NPV, and accuracy of 77.7%. 96.7%. 97.2%. 74.3% and 85.3% respectively.


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