A Comparison of QTc Abnormalities in Cirrhotics with Non-Cirrohotic

  • M Mujtaba Ali
  • M Abdul Quddus
  • Arslan Shahzad
  • M Fareed Khan
  • Sheikh Taqqi Anwar
  • Kapeel Raja
Keywords: Cirrhosis; cardiomyopathy; prolonged QTc interval


Objective: To compare the frequency of prolonged QTc interval in cirrhotics with non-cirrhotics having chronic liver disease.

Study design: Cohort study

Place and Duration of study: Department of Gastroenterology AK CMH/Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Hospital Rawalakot Azad Kashmir. Six months; (27-03-2019 to 26-09-2019)

Materials and Methods: One hundred patients with liver cirrhosis (group I) and 100 non-cirrhotic patients ((group II) had 12 lead ECG. QT interval was calculated. And the patients were evaluated for presence of prolonged QT interval.  Statistical significant determined by chi-square test (p< 0.05 was taken as significant). 

Results:  The mean QTc duration in Group I was 0.536 + 0.012 seconds and group II was 0.431 + 0.015 seconds (p < 0.05). Prolonged QTc interval was present among 36(36%) patients in Group I and in 6 (6%) patients in Group II. (p < 0.05).

Conclusion: Our study findings revealed that cirrhotic patients have more chances of developing the QTc abnormalities as compared to the patients without the presence of cirrhotic liver.


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